Execution of the tasks are happening under completely safe conditions, because

  • all of our attractions were built to meet very high safety standards;
  • integritiy of all live wood used for building were examined with aspecial diagnostic method;
  • the whole course system has an insuring top rope, guests will receive a climbing harness and helmets;
  • our staff demonstrate the safe use of the equipment and the obstacle course, and if necessary they help the participants.


Our adventure park was built in an artificially created natural area. In the seventies sediment excavated from the quickly sludgeing lake Balaton was placed on the coastline including Gyenesdiás creating sludge cartidges. Fast-growing willow trees were planted in the cartidges and then let fate. Nowadays wildlife has taken posession of it and many animal and plant spieces found habitat and shelter from the expanding human presence.

Our park is committed to maintaining the smallest possible ecological footprint level. This reflected in the design of the tracks, constructing, maintenance and care of the park as well:

  • Only those parts of the area are disturbed which makes it necessary to use the park. This preserves some quiet "islands" where the settled spieces can live undisturbed.
  • With thecompetence of Kötélszív Kft obstacles are installed without demaging the trees. Every tree's condition is examined by Garden Faápoló Kft before construction. The stability of the trees which are built into the obstacles increased because of the ropes, so the gale from the lake Balaton can't harm them.
  • The fast-growing tree's trunks have our close attention. We regulary adjust and convert the installed ropes and wooden structures according to the growth of the trees ensuring their safety and long life.
  • The park nurturing is carried out with hand tools to avoid the noise and air pollution and to protect the wildlife. The manual mowing protect the insects and small vertebrates life habitat and allows the formation of natural weed free vegetation.
  • The low diversity flora was enriched by 15 landscape matching native trees and shrubs providing even better possibilities for life i.e. for many species of birds.
  • With the support of the Hungarian Ornithological Society almost 40 pieces -five types- of birds nests and bird feeders were placed supporting the birds nesting and overwintering.
  • The falling timber will not be taken out of the cycle of nature, but the grinding machine made shreds released, returning to the soil surface, thereby reducing dusting of the mud in dry weather and and its slipperiness in wet weather.
  • The waste is collected selectively and placed in the local selective collection islands.
  • Informative signs showing the natural values of the area were placed. By all this the park is not only the ideal place for outdoor athletes, the leisurely stroll, but an opportunity to learn more about nature.

Baby friendly park

We keep in mind the needs of families with small children and try to support them:

  • The discounted access provided for large families.
  • In order to provide the carefree rest of the children and their parents we offer interactive games and rest areas in addition to the obstacle courses.
  • For the nursing moms and ones arriving with babies baby friendly corner was formed, which allows feeding and diaper changing of the babies in a relaxed atmosphere.


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